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Designer Drugs Online Mass Spectra Database
https://www.designer-drugs.de/ 25.12.2017, 14:09

Designer Drugs is the most comprehensive mass spectra collection of designer drugs, pharmaceuticals, chemical warfare agents and related substances. The Designer Drugs database (DD2017) covers the entire range of known designer drugs and related substances up to December 2016. Carefully compiled by mass spectral experts at the Regional Departments of Criminal Investigation in Kiel, Hamburg, and Wiesbaden, Germany, this database includes 24.740 mass spectra of 19.637 chemical compounds with detailed information and chemical structures for each entry.

Designer Drugs includes data taken from both legal and underground literature, providing the most comprehensive picture of these compounds. This database is a must have for analytical chemists in forensic, clinical or toxicological laboratories supporting law enforcements authorities with their services.

Designer Drugs Online additionaly provides access to the latest mass spectra of designer drugs occured on the market during the year 2017. Designer Drugs Online allows instant access to the newest findings of our laboratories.

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